Fade To Grey

Well the weather has been terrible here in Sydney for the past week and a bit. Grey, grey and more grey and I think there’s more forecast for the weekend.

Rain on the pane

I was recently reviewing notes I made on my first ever Colour Course and one of the questions was “What colour do you like least of all?” I had written grey because it made me think of shorts worn by school boys.

School Boy Shorts

Interestingly enough, when I was in my final term of my Colour Diploma Course, some three and half years later, grey was one of the colours I predicted was going to make a comeback. (That was back in 2005!) But that grey was more luxurious; a platinum sort of grey.

3 Diamond Platinum Ring via jeweleryexpert.com

Grey has certainly made a comeback and is seen in all sorts of places. From cars, to fashion to decor. I like it best paired with a zingy accent colour like lime green, purple or red to take away the boringness. (new word I have invented)

Grey by Greg Natale

Here in Sydney we seem to like the warm greys, yet further north where the sun is brighter and the weather is warmer, cool greys prevail.

Warm grey colour scheme

Whatever grey you like, we’ll be seeing plenty of it for the next few days.

Bedroom by Nathalie Vingot Mei via Apartment Therapy

If you’re in Sydney and looking for somewhere to go on a grey and dismal day, head over to La Maison tomorrow to their Mid Year Sale. You might even pick up some grey pieces for your home.

Chair from La Maison

Or head over to Randwick Racecourse for a little retail therapy at Magnolia Square. You will find some amazing and unique items sure to brighten your day.

Magnolia Square

If you would like assistance creating your harmonious environment whether it be cool grey or warm grey or some other colour, contact us for online rates or call for an appointment.

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