Hangin’ Ten

I’m baaa-ack!

Happy New Year! I know it’s the 10 January and I should’ve said that ages ago. I’ve been having a few weeks off recharging the batteries for 2011. I do hope it’s a good year for you all.

Happy New Year 2011 via The Telegraph Click on photo for source

I thought I’d show you a couple of happy holiday snaps. We had a lovely week at a sleepy little village on the northern New South Wales coast called Angourie. It has a population of 300 and is better known for it’s great surf than anything else.

view from our balcony

Inspite of all the wet weather over the border in Queensland, we were blessed with blue skies and plenty of sunshine.

Digging in the sand

Just perfect for digging in the sand, going fishing and catching some waves.

Waiting for a bite

Learning to surf

There were some amazing houses in Angourie, even though there’s only 100 of them. The most impressive belongs to ex-Billabong chief, Gordon Merchant and is reported to be worth $12M. There didn’t appear to be anyone home during the week we were staying down the road, but the views were superb. The house sits on three blocks and the front door is reputed to be worth $80,000.

Gordon Merchant's Home via Flickr Click on photo for source

Well after all that R and R, I’m ready to tackle 2011. I have a number of jobs to complete from last year and already a number of lovely new clients to get to know.

I loved the colours and texture of these pebbles on the beach

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