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Well that’s the end of another week and another month! Easter weekend is here and we have four days to take it easy. It might be a good time to think about decorating your home for the coming season. I write a home decorating article for each edition of St Ives Village Life which is a local shopping centre here on the North Shore of Sydney and the most recent edition featured this article on the relaxing home. It might spark some inspiration for you latest home makeover.

Chocolate Bilby from Darrel Lea

To create a harmonious and comfortable space in your home, you first must consider what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The dictionary tells us the definition of “harmonious” is having elements pleasingly or appropriately combined. What is “harmonious” to one person may not necessarily be “harmonious” to another. Do you feel more balanced when you are surrounded by nature, looking at the dazzling lights and skyscrapers of a major city or being close to the sea?

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Decide on the mood or feeling you would like the space to evoke. When you or your guests come into the room, how would you like them to feel – relaxed, calm, uplifted, reflective or nurtured?

When considering the entertainment spaces, think about when and how the areas will be used. Furniture needs to be placed to allow for the functions required – TV watching, reading, conversation and dining.

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A living room should have a flexible floor plan. When it’s just the family at home, it may be used for watching TV or a movie. When guests are being entertained, conversation will most likely be the primary function of the room and when you are home alone, it may become the spot for quiet reading or a telephone call to family.

via Australian House and Garden

The master bedroom is possibly the only room in the house that can be a physical and emotional retreat from the busy world. This is especially true for parents hankering for an escape route from household chores and noisy children. It should be quiet and serene, soft and inviting. It’s your domain where you can do and be whatever you like.

Colour evokes so many emotions, so getting the colour right can be a good start to creating your calm and relaxing space.

Blue will take the stress from your life. Purple is the colour of meditation and contemplation. Pink, sometimes considered as feminine, is nurturing and physically soothing. Green brings tranquility and soothes the emotions. Neutral colours or colours that are barely there create a calm backdrop for our daily lives. These neutral colours are preferred in living spaces where there is so much activity and smaller props that add colour and interest.

via Australian House and Garden Photographer Andrew Elton

As long as you ensure your home is suitable to you, then it will be your haven, a place you look forward to entering.

via Australian House and Garden Photographer Dean Wilmot

Enjoy your Easter break and happy decorating.

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