Yesterday I went to the Mokum Showroom here in Sydney for the launch of Hemptech. Hemptech is a New Zealand company which has been around for about 10 years or so. They have a passion for natural fibres and have developed their own range of fabrics and designs.

Hemptech Fabrics on display at Mokum

One of the main reasons consumers are wary of natural fibres is their propensity to stretch and fade. Hemptech have addressed these problems by developing a stabilised finish for the stretching and using high quality dyes which won’t fade easily.

Footprints by Hemptech

One of the ways to test a fabric for dropping is to gently pull the fabric on the warp (long) thread to see if it ripples. If it doesn’t ripple then the fabric won’t stretch or drop.

Hemptech printed and plain fabrics

The other initiative that Hemptech are applying to their fabrics is to disclose the Sunlight data on the individual ranges. A high score out of 7 indicates that the fabric will be resilient to sun fading, something worth considering in Australia and New Zealand.

Hemptech quirky Cows and Couches

Apart from the gorgeous range of plain linens and cottons for upholstery and drapery, there is also a great selection of printed fabrics with a quirky bent. I love the Southern Toile with the shearers, caravans and cars and the Cows and Couches.

Hemptech Fitzroy Toile

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