Kirrily Johnston’s Fashion Parade

Do you follow Dulux on Facebook? I do. Last week they asked to explain your favourite Dulux colour in 25 words or less. Being a Colour Consultant, I couldn’t help myself. I had to have a go although sticking to under 25 words was hard. The prize was 2 VIP tickets to Kirrily Johnston’s Fashion Parade for Mercedes Fashion Week. Kirrily has teamed with Dulux to release a colour palette.

Dulux Dog

You know how these things go, you enter and then never give it another thought. Then Friday afternoon I received the call, I had won! Wow, I never win anything. I was very excited and really looking forward to a day out but things got in the way and I couldn’t make it. So I asked my assistant, Pauline to attend on my behalf. Naturally Pauline loved the idea and took lots of photos to rub my nose in it. There’s even one with champagne!!

Leanne Pearce from Dulux looked after Pauline and the ladies had a great time. Here’s Pauline’s take on the day and her photos.

I was taken aback when Jennifer told me she had won two tickets from Dulux to the Kirrily Johnston Fashion show as part of the Mercedes Fashion Week, to be held on Monday, 30 April.  Unfortunately Jennifer had a prior engagement so she kindly offered me her tickets.  How could I refuse!

The new Neild Ave restaurant was a perfect venue as it’s a large, industrial type of building that has been converted with cleverly suspended paintings that fill a large roof space. 

The bright pink floral window display gave a tantalising hint as to what to expect inside. 

The colourful crowd of fashion media started arriving and it was great to ‘people watch’.  High heels and brave splashes of colour caught the eye.

I was met inside by the lovely Leanne Pearce of Dulux and with champer’s in hand we took in the incredible atmosphere.  Kirrily had asked for one wall of the restaurant to be painted in Dulux Lickedy Lick and it really contributed to the bright, bustling atmosphere as glamorous individuals and well known media celebrities like Darren McMullen, host of The Voice and designers, like Akira, started arriving.  The excitement was fantastic.

Lickedy Lick

Leanne said that Jennifer’s entry to the competition had really ‘hit the nail on the head’ with her response.

The exotic music and expectant atmosphere started building as chatter increased and people started to take their seats as the runways were cleared for the models.  Photographers vied for the best spots and finally the gorgeous models started gliding out, wearing the beautiful new collection, which was themed ‘Gypsy Chic’. 

The predominant colours were bright pink, chartreuse, taupe and black and immediately the boldness of the colour combinations and floral fabrics captured your attention.

The elegance of the beautiful, floaty clothes, teamed with egyptian-like head-pieces and large gold accessories, took us to another level and for a brief moment we were mesmerised by this extraordinary combination of colours, design quality and clever use of fabrics.

All too soon it was over – what an up-lifting experience!

See the beautiful clothes over at Vogue. 

Thank you and Congratulations to Jennifer and Kirrily Johnston!

Thanks Pauline. I’m so pleased you had a great day and I was able to be there vicariously. Thanks Dulux for the tickets.

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