Light Up My World

I’ve spent this week looking at lights.

Looking for clients and looking for me. Just like paint colours everyone is different and every person wants something different in their home.

One of the trickiest rooms to light is the bathroom.

Quite often, downlights are placed in grid formation without giving much consideration to optimal locations.  Standing under a downlight, without any light around the face creates exaggerated and unflattering shadows.  This can also result in insufficient lighting for tasks like shaving, tweezing and applying make-up.  More than any other room in the house, it’s important to get the lighting right in the bathroom.

Appropriate facial lighting is key.  Ideally, mirrors should have a light source at face height or above that provides both reflected and direct light to the face, minimises shadows and provides even light distribution.  These can be wall lights on either side of the mirror or on/above the mirror.

Once you know where you want to place the lights, it’s then a matter of finding the right light that meets your style, task and budget requirements.

If you would like assistance sourcing light fittings for your home renovation, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.

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