You’ve Got Mail

A number of clients have asked me lately to advise on placement of the computer.

These days most families have a computer….or two and most of the family use it……or them. From online shopping, paying household bills, children’s homework, researching the ideal household pet and running home businesses, the computer and a suitable workplace is one of the top priorities for most families.

The problem comes when we want ready access to the computer yet we don’t want it to dominate the living the space or be “pinging” away letting everyone know “you’ve got mail.”

This is probably the most popular image on the internet of a compact, yet stylish office.

Image via Kelly Green

It has everything required to undertake household officework. The idea that the door can be closed when someone is not actually working on the computer is a great bonus.

This is another take on the same theme.

Armoire via

The beauty of this one is that you can take it with you when you move houses.

Home Office Made Easy supply this unit which is practical though not as stylish as the above two.

Desk In A Cupboard

The kitchen is an ideal spot for a laptop. I keep all my recipes on the computer and having it right there in the kitchen would save paper and energy. I always find that things come to me as I’m peeling the vegetables and I down tools and rush off to send an email or look something up on the ‘net.

Image from Australian House and Garden

Image by Lucy Interior Design

Image from

Either way you look at it, the computer is here to stay and having it close at hand where everyone can use it makes alot of sense.

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  1. If I didn’t have a home-based business and an entire room as my office, I would so love to have one of those all-in-one armoires. I think it’s the idea of all that organization within such a compact space that appeals to me. The desk area in the kitchen you show (last pic) is a very beautiful space. Good thing there’s lots of storage around it to help keep the clutter down.

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