The Making Of A Kitchen

A couple of years ago, I received a phone call from a home owner in the next suburb. They were about to embark on a major renovation and had decided to hire an interior decorator who could help them with the myriad of decisions that needed to be made. One of the main reasons they contacted me, was that I was local and would be able to help with troubleshooting, as both partners worked full time and had two primary school aged children. The other reason was because I had worked on similar Federation houses in the area and the renovation would be sympathetic to the era of the home and they didn’t want to lose that period feel.

Fast forward to this week and the beautiful kitchen I designed for them is featured in Country Home Ideas.

The kitchen was part of the new extension and as all members of the family like to cook, it was to become the centrepiece of the home. Linda and Kevin knew what they wanted, a sort of cross between French Provincial and Farmhouse style. So I dubbed it the “Farmincial” Kitchen. After designing the layout, we went through every pot, pan and utensil in their kitchen and worked out which would be the best location for them in the new set up.

Linda fell in love with the granite slab which worked beautifully with the existing colour scheme we had chosen for the home. The splashback presented a problem as we liked the look of glass but it was far too modern for the style of kitchen. We didn’t like the traditional ceramic tiles either. Linda had seen an image of a splashback that had two colours and liked the idea of a mixture. So in the end we settled on glass 100 x 100 tiles in 4 colours.

We didn’t want it too contrived, so I asked the tiler if he would just put them up, any old how. He was too scared to be left with that weight on his shoulders, so I drew up a plan and he tiled by colours!

The end result is a beautiful family kitchen that is the main attraction in this fantastic home.

A big thank you to Editor, Margaret and Sub Editor, Zoe for featuring my work and to my wonderful clients, Kevin and Linda for not only being fabulous to work with, but also allowing the magazine to feature them.


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  1. It is such a lovely lovely kitchen, perfect for that home. Those random tiles are such a fabulous idea too – a little different without being too over the top. xx

  2. It’s a brilliant kitchen Jen, bravo! You are an amazing designer :))

  3. Jennifer, it’s wonderful to see a kitchen with some personality. So many kitchens are exactly the same. The tiles look brilliant. I especially like how you’ve hidden the rangehood. And that black oven is really stylish. Can you tell me the brand? Great kitchen, Amber

  4. Amber, how lovely of you to drop by my blog. I have only fished your comment out of my Spam box. Apologies. The oven is a Falcon Gas oven and that was one of the main items the couple wanted in their new kitchen. We toyed with the idea of a red one but in the ended opted for the black. Hope to see you here again and I’ll pop over to see you from time to time.

    Jennifer xx

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