Melbourne Highlights

So after spending a disappointing day at designEX last week, I headed out to explore Prahran, Armadale and Richmond.

I had read the article in the latest issue of Ivy and Piper on Fenton and Fenton, so wanted to check it out. Then I wanted to visit the showroom of Tigger Hall who is the Australian agent for Kathryn Ireland textiles. I was travelling with a girlfriend and fellow designer, so what better place to start our day than with breakfast at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms in the historic Block Arcade.

Hopetoun Tea Rooms

We then jumped a tram (love that mode of transport that the other Eastern capitals have abandoned) and alighted at the corner of St Kilda Road and High Street. Just as well we had good walking shoes as it was a 2km walk to Fenton and Fenton. You see so much more walking and we enjoyed peeking over ivy covered fences into some of the older houses in this area.

School converted to apartment living

We continued our walk along High Street stopping at any store that caught our eye. And there were a few.

One of my favourites was The Colour Lab which seems to be a blend of cafe, corner store, gift shop and artistic space where workshops are held. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in the store was colourful. You must drop in, if you are in the area.

The Colour Lab Store and Cafe

Another colour overload can be found at Eugenie Cashmere which would appear to have just moved into the area. The beautiful colours of cashmere sweaters, scarves, socks and dresses was a delight to behold on the overcast and drizzly day.

Back to the footpath and we decided to hail a taxi to take us across to Hermon and Hermon at Richmond. About another 2 kms along High Street, just around the corner from Carina Sherlock, we managed to find a cab and headed off to Richmond. After a bite of light lunch in their cafe, we had a walk around the showroom and then another kilometre or 2 to Meizai. I spotted a beautiful looking store called French and English which we oohed and aahed over.

Beautiful ceramics available at Meizai

So there you have it. A Sydney colour and design aficionado’s walking tour (and tram and taxi) of the Melbourne suburbs of Prahran, Armadale and Richmond. If you’re in Melbourne anytime soon, I recommend you take a look at some or all of these places. I’d love to hear what you think of them and if you’ve found any others that are worth a look.

Have a great Easter weekend.

Paper Napkin Decoupage Eggs via Martha Stewart

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  1. Yep, I know what you mean about designex being disappointing this year. I was also through it in a few hours. There were some little treasures to be found lurking in the corners, but they were few and far between.

    Glad that you found some other lovely things to do in Melbourne though! Prahran and Richmond are 2 of my favourite stomping grounds for suppliers ~ and it looks like you found some beauties!

  2. Melbourne does shops like no one else! Love The Colour Lab.
    Millie x

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