Nature Inspired

1970’s apartment building about to have an internal makeover

I’m currently creating a colour palette for a block of apartments. The block was built in the ’70’s and I must say, some of the designs of that era leave alot to be desired.

Bricks that are not being changed

The bricks are a combination of blonde and chocolate and I have been asked to come up with a colour scheme for tiles, carpet and paint for the public spaces inside the building.

Tiles, carpet, walls all need refreshing

I noticed a tree at the entry to the building that was losing it’s bark.

A myriad of colours on the bark

The colours of the bark were glorious and so I decided that I could come up with a scheme based on the colours in the bark. Afterall, if nature can put them together then they will certainly look good beside each other.

Bark Colour Palette

So, I was very intrigued today when I received an email from Dulux announcing a new colour palette that has been inspired by nature.

Landscaping by Jim Fogarty

“Jim Fogarty, one of Australia`s top landscape designers, has collaborated with Dulux to cultivate a colour palette inspired by nature. The colour selections are based on simple features Fogarty admires in our natural environment. The limited edition Dulux Jim Fogarty Colour Palette features foundation colours of neutrals and earthy shades and pop colours of Dulux Lime Fizz, Dulux Monastic, Dulux Zeftron and Dulux Clean Green, perfect for the garden or outdoor room.

Dulux Colour Palette inspired by nature

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