It’s official – the hottest colour for 2012 is Orange

Pantone have announced the Colour of The Year for 2012is Tangerine Tango – a vivacious, reddish orange.

Pantone Color of the Year 2012

Orange is a friendly colour as well as being warm and energising and that’s just what we need to buoy the economy back to life.

Orange Interiors

Each year when the Colour of the Year is announced I like to look at how the new colour will work with past colours.

Orange and Pink (2011) looks great in girls rooms.

Barbie House

Orange and Turquoise (2010) has that electric zing.

Orange and Turquoise interior

Orange and Yellow (2009) is a very retro, mellow look.

Orange and Yellow

Orange and Purple (2008) can have a certain sophistication about it.

Orange and Purple Living Room

So orange could be the colour for all seasons. Will you be decorating with orange?

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  1. My back door and meter box is the height of fashion then!!

  2. Oh gosh Jennifer, tell me it isn’t so. I absolutely loathe orange in any form or shape, it’s right up there with Mission Brown I reckon………sorry mate!
    Millie x


  1. […] From our position of hindsight, it’s now easy to see that 9/11 had a major impact on the colours of the world. Prior to that event, the world was saturated in colour but we turned to browns and greys creating new neutrals for clothing and paint. These colours are now considered classics. Similarly the GFC, sent us all looking for familiar colours so we could feel safe – colours from our youth and more contented times. However, in 2011 the neons emerged to cheer us up, make us spend money and buy something colourful to feel good about ourselves. If you remember at the end of the year, Pantone released its colour for 2012 as Tangerine Tango. […]

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