Purple Mystery

As I was driving through Cammeray on the weekend a new store caught my eye. Well it didn’t really catch it, more like screamed at it. You see, it was purple. Purple signage, purple seating and a wide purple band painted along the glass frontage. It was so attention grabbing, I had to stop and take a look.

It was a health food shop with a difference. Aboutlife Natural Marketplace is a cafe and grocery store selling lots of organic goodness. There are qualified naturopaths and nutritionists in store to answer your questions. Great concept and our friends in other parts of Sydney (Bondi and Rozelle) have been enjoying this marketplace for a while. The produce on the shelves looked good and the cafe food and organic coffee was downright mouthwatering but as a Colour Consultant I was asking myself, why purple?

I couldn’t find the answer other than it was eye catching. What bothers me is that purple seldom appears in nature and can appear to be artificial. Surely not the right message for a health food store? However, it does represent spirituality and wisdom so maybe that’s the side of purple the marketers are preying on. Or as Leatrice Eiseman writes in “Colors For Your Every Mood”, “People who like to consider themselves different from the common heard or unconventional often prefer purple.”

Are you a purple person? What do you think about an organic food store using the colour purple?

***Photos have been taken from Aboutlife’s Facebook Page, except for the last one which was taken by me.***


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  1. It is definitely attention-grabbing, but for me the colour purple does not work with the concept of a natural organic food store. Especially the blue-purple chairs outside are not inviting me to sit down. Blue is the least appetizing colour and there is no blue food, except blue berries. Blue in relation to food can be associated with poison. Although I love purple, this colour concept is not working for me.

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