Selling the family home

The kids are back at school and life is starting to get back to normal. For some, now is the perfect time to plan the sale of your family home.  But before you erect the For Sale sign, there’s a few things you need to consider.


This list was compiled by Andrew Winter and delivered at Grand Designs Live held at Darling Harbour, Sydney in October 2011.

Andrew Winter

Firstly, Why do you want to sell?  And, Are you prepared to meet the market?

Growing Family

That’s the market right now? What if it took a while to sell or the sale price you were offered or worse still, accepted, was disappointing? How will that affect your future plans?


Are you ready for the complete upheaval and inconvenience of selling a home? Will the whole family be able to convert your home into a display home in a minute when the agent calls to say they have a prospective buyer?

Display Home

So now that you have truthfully answered those questions and are ready to forge ahead whatever may happen,  give your home a very good spring clean.

Time to Spring Clean EVERYTHING

Complete any essential repairs and have them done properly. If you can’t do them then it will pay to bring in an expert who will not only do them probably better than you but also in half the time. Declutter and tidy the whole house. Remember, buyers are nosy and cupboards will be opened!

Lane Cove Home For Sale

Check out the competition. Visit the homes in your area, which are similar in size and location to research presentation and price. It’s always good to know what you’re up against.

Townhouse For Sale in Balmain

Wherever you can, get the right help and advice from professionals.

Family Home For Sale in Roseville

Don’t get carried away and don’t over capitalize. Just before you’re selling is not the time to start renovating with a view to profit. If you’ve managed to live in the house as a family then someone else will too. And if they decide to stay, then they will alter the home to suit their family and lifestyle. Makeovers not full renovations are the key at this time.

Federation Home For Sale in Turramurra

Have a good look around. Go outside and stand across the road. Be critical and look for anything that may prevent a prospective buyer even getting out of the car. Tidy the garden, the footpath and the front of the house too.

Renovated home For Sale in Mosman, NSW

There are benefits of using an agent to sell your home and one of the most beneficial is to have a third party to help you through the process. They are not emotionally involved with the house and this may be helpful when it comes to negotiating.

Unit For Sale in Gordon NSW

Recognize the issues of the home and adapt to the current market. Keep on checking on the competition and keep on adapting.

If you would like assistance preparing your home for sale, contact us for an online or in-person consultation.


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