Staring at the toilet

It’s one of my biggest bugbears. You know when you look into a bathroom and the toilet stares right back at you. And if that bathroom is seen as you enter a home or on your way through the home to the living area, it’s worse.

DSC01893 Unfortunately this is the case with many homes in Australia built before 1950. That’s when the outhouses started to vanish and the toilets were moved inside. Prior to that time, the bathroom inside was just for washing and the toilet had its own building about 100 metres from the house.

The easy answer if like me, you don’t like looking at a toilet as you pass the bathroom, is to move it. However, that’s easier said than done! Moving plumbing is a costly exercise and sometimes it’s just not possible due to limited subfloor access, concrete flooring or existing plumbing arrangements. So the next best option is to create a focal point that takes the eye away from the big white bowl.

DSC03476 This bathroom was a perfect example. The clients didn’t want to do major renovations to move the toilet behind the door and “hide” it from view. In a perfect world, I suggested moving the toilet to right of the door, where the vanity sits, and swing the door the opposite way. Instead we moved it slightly and although it can still be seen from the hallway, we created a spacious shower that became the main attraction of the bathroom. The clients no longer needed a bath and opted for an oversized shower recess. A modern vanity and large mirror helped to reflect light and make a showpiece bathroom rather than an afterthought.

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