Stylish Styling

Tomorrow I’m heading north to take a one day workshop with Shannon Fricke.

Styled by Shannon Fricke

I’m very excited as I’ve long admired Shannon’s work and when I saw she was holding a Styling 101 workshop, I decided that was just what I needed.We are going to learn the ins and outs of being a stylist on a photo shoot.

Styling by me Photography by Lyn Johnston

Now I’m not looking at changing tacks, but I do struggle when it comes to putting the finishing touches on things. And I’m not good at moving things around once I’ve got it the way I like.Why mess with perfection, right?

Styled by me

When studying interior decorating, I learnt the Principles and Elements of Design so I do know what should go where and the idea of odd numbers and repetition, etc. But seeing it through a camera lens seems to be completely different and needs some fine tuning.

via Habitually Chic

I am required to take some images of still lifes I like and I’ve been scouring magazines and websites trying to find some.I like lots of negative space in my arrangements (read “do not like clutter!”) but then I wonder if it’s all too minimalist.

via House and Garden

So by Monday, I’ll be able to tell you some of the tricks and whether Shannon has been able to cure me of my affliction.

Interiors by Inside Out Colour and Design

Have a great weekend and see you next week.


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