Ten Green Bottles

San Pellegrino Bottles strategically placed on the island bench

I’ve been noticing lately, in images on blogs and on Pinterest that the latest MUST HAVE interior decor item is a couple of San Pellegrino bottles.

San Pellegrino Bottles on a tray

That fresh green glass seems to be just the colour required to make a room pop.

San Pellegrino Bottles in a Silver Ice Bucket

So I was very impressed when one of the stands at the recent Gift Fairs, here in Sydney, had a little vignette set up featuring San Pellegrino bottles.

San Pellegrino Vignette

So when you do the grocery shopping this weekend, remember to buy a couple of green bottles and add them to the decor in your home for that truly designer look.

San Pellegrino Lurking under the counter

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  1. They do look great, but I worry about the air miles we are clocking up importing bottled water – oh gosh I can’t believe I just said that Jennifer! Thanks so much for your get well wishes, it means a lot.
    Millie xx

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