Top Three Tips on Decorating for Pet Owners

I trust you had an enjoyable weekend. Sunday was perfect weather here in Sydney and we joined the thousands of other pet lovers who took part in this year’s RSPCA Million Paws Walk. It was so much fun seeing so many of the dogs (and their owners) dressed for the occasion!

via Million Paws Website

So today I thought I’d give you my top 3 concerns when decorating with pets in mind and some suggestions to overcome them.

  1. Flooring – all animals have accidents from time to time so steer away from shag pile rugs or light coloured carpet. When accidents happen, treat stains straight away.


  2. Window Coverings – If you have curtains, then I would not recommend you have them “puddling”. That is when they sit in a little puddle on the floor. Your pets will LOVE sitting on this soft spot and could cause damage to the fabric.

    Curtains Puddling

    There is also the risk of pulling the entire curtains and rod down if they are getting frisky and playing with them. Try to have your curtains “kissing” the floor instead where they sit about 1cm above floor level. Silk and sheer curtain fabrics can be magnets to cats and will rip very easily with sharp claws climbing on it. Choose a flat cotton instead.


  3. Upholstery – Fabric choice is paramount here if your pets are allowed on the furniture. Darker colours are better to hide any marks although if you have an animal that sheds then perhaps it would be easier to choose a fabric the same colour as the pet. Leather can be wiped clean and macrosuede is also strong and stain resistant. Upholstery can be treated too, to repel stains. So if you want to keep the furniture in tip top condition, I would recommend treating before you allow the pets in.


I don’t believe a home is a home without a pet, so sometimes you just have to embrace the pitfalls and as Interior Designer, Kathryn Ireland says, put them down to “the patina of life”.

Pablo and Coco

Alternatively, put your white shag rug and silk curtains in a room that’s a “no go zone” for your beloved pet.


If you would like assistance in decorating your home to suit your pets, contact us for an on-line or in-person consultation.

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