Vertical Decor

I often find, when I walk into a room, that the homeowner has taken a lot of time in placing the furniture in the room, however little regard has been given to the height of the room. It’s as if the room has been decorated by the floor plan without considering the walls and ceiling. With today’s low furniture like sofas and entertainment units, it’s not hard to fall into this trap.

This living room is a great example of what I mean. The colours and furniture all work beautifully together but everything appears to be below the waist. I’m not sure if the paintings are propped up against the back of the sofa for the photograph, but by hanging them on the wall it will give height to the room. A taller standard lamp would also help accentuate the full capacity of the room. Another trick, if the ceiling is not too low, is to use a pendant light like a chandelier which will help the ceiling relate to the room.

In a bedroom, you could install a bedhead and bedside lamps, which will create some height. The lamps should not be the same height as the top of the bedhead and artwork could be hung above the bed. Again a pendant light in the centre of the room will bring the ceiling into the room.

The idea is to create a non-linear profile in the room, a bit like the recent share market chart!

Images – I’ve had these photos in my files for a while now, but haven’t kept their source (Naughty blogger!) Let me know if you know where they’ve come from.


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  1. Love the velvet/flocked fabric on the chaise and the bedroom setting, very Kelly Wurstler

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