And the walls come tumbling down

There’s been movement at our house this week in readiness for the renovations.

When we bought the place back in 2002, we were aware it had two extensions that would’ve been completed in the ’70’s.

The house with fibro extensions circa 1970

They were both fibro extensions and this appealed to us mainly because they would be easy to take down. It was preferable than having besser block or brick extensions that we didn’t like.

The guest wing which had fibro walls and added in the '70's.

So this week those add-ons have been removed. Firstly the asbestos removalists had to come in and take away the asbestos. I wasn’t allowed on site to take photos of the men in their moon suits and face masks hosing down the fibro before removing it, wrapping it tightly and taking it away.

House minus fibro

It made the house very breezy.

Guest bedroom without the fibro walls

Next the demolition team came in to remove carpets, windows, roof tiles, flooring and framework.

Now it looks really strange without the extra rooms.

On a prettier note, I spent Wednesday at Designex, the annual architecture and design trade show. Not sure if I’ve been to too many of these now, but nothing much jumps out at me as being new or different. I did enjoy getting up close and personal with the Anna Spiro wallpapers though. They are very pretty and have that handcrafted look to them. All in typical Anna colours too.


Round and Round The Garden Wallpaper by Anna Spiro for Porter's

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  1. Oh wow. Well done for getting rid of those add ons. You must be thrilled with the progress. And you have to give it to Anna Spiro – she knows how to mismatch cushions to perfection. That image is gorgeous. xx

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