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As I mentioned last week, I went to a talk at the Australian International Furniture Fair given by Janice Lindsay. She is a fabulous speaker and I resonated with much of what she had to say. She was asked to speak on Colour Direction for 2011-2012.

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Firstly, her mantra was

Janice likened good design to Roger Federer playing a game of tennis. He just does it without thinking as he has been playing for so long, returning a serve has become second nature. Good design, should be second nature.

Janice explained that Home is not a place but a feeling, and my by-line of “creating harmonious environments”, says just that. I endeavour to create a feeling for my clients when they walk in the door. One of the first questions I will ask a new client, is “How do you want to feel in this space? What mood do you wish to create?”

Uplifting interior via pidesignhouse.com

That’s one of the things I love about my job, no two clients are the same and I get to create beautiful spaces based on what the client believes to be harmonious or beautiful to them. It is important for a space to be personal and relevant.

Calm interior via Norm Architects

Janice also talked about colour and how there is no white in nature just like there are no colour mistakes in nature. If you are having difficulty coming up with a colour scheme, take a closer look at nature. That is something we all wish to do with our indoor outdoor living spaces too. By connecting with nature, we will find our way Home. We were born colour smart, but we GET colour stupid.

Colourful Cats via Dreamstime.com

Her predictions for future style and colour included animals, birds, made not manufactured goods and things to do with farm because farming suggests a more simple life. Do include texture like in nature and use more curves than straight lines, just like in nature. Use more pattern but co-ordinate it rather than match it to other things.

Texture and Curves in Nature

I thoroughly enjoyed the hour I had with Janice and loved her quote “Colour is a conversation, so make it interesting!”

Colourful beach house

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