Must Be The White Time

Isn’t it weird how one thing sets off a chain, or at least appears to?

Yesterday I sent out our monthly e-newsletter. For the past 12 months we’ve been working through Leatrice Eiseman’s book “Colors for Your Every Mood” and each month I discuss a colour – what psychology is attached to it, a little history and where to use the colour to best advantage. This month the colour (or non colour) was White.

White Bedroom via Elle Decor

White Bedroom via Elle Decor

Today I received an email from Australian paint company Murobond and they were discussing the same thing. Well they’ve listed their top 10 whites and given an explanation for each one. I called my newsletter “It’ll be all white” and their’s is “It’s all white.”  How bizarre!

Murobond Top 10 Whites

Murobond Top 10 Whites

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