Worst Dressed Wednesdays

Cold and uninteresting. Dark and foreboding.  I think that sums up the look of this house from the outside.

The house is set slightly below the road so from the street you can see ALOT of roof. The roof tiles are charcoal and for some unknown reason, the paint colour chosen is barely a shade lighter than the roof tiles. The window frames are also grey but again, not enough variation from the wall colours.

When choosing colours for the exterior of a property, it is imperative that the swatches be viewed out in the open so you can see the full effects of the daylight. There is a large tree shading the front of this south-west facing house. Southerly aspects in Sydney receive no direct sunlight at any time of the day or year and so a lighter shade is usually recommended for rooms or walls facing this way. With the tree also causing shade the colour appears to be much darker than what it probably is.

The introduction of another colour for the front door and garage door is giving some relief but in my mind, it is still not light enough to lift the somber mood the house portrays.

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